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The Forest [0.02] (2014) PC | RePack By R.G. Freedom (Size: 452.67 MB)

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June 20, 2014, 07:42:27 PM
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Year: 2014
Genre: Action, FPS, Adventure, Indie, Early Access, Simulator
Developer / Publisher: Endnight Games Ltd
Language: English | Russian (crack from SurviveInTheForest Team version 0.02 of 17/06/2014)
Language: English
Publication Type: RePack
Game Version: 0.02
Tablet: Not required

√ OS: Windows XP (for authenticated users) / Windows 7 / Windows 8
√ Processor: Dual-core processor with a frequency of 2.4Ghz
√ Memory: 4 GB RAM
√ Video: NVIDIA GeForce 8800GT
√ HDD: 1.07 GB

Shooter with an open world and a first-person, which is set in the woods, where the hero has to build shelter and defend against genetic mutants using homemade weapons.

Features repack

1. Do not cut;
2. Nothing is converted;
3. Game Version: 0.02;
4. Sewn on crack SurviveInTheForest Team;
5. RePack from R.G. Freedom


Attention! In translation meets profanity!

Translated into Russian all textures with English words. Saved background, style and size of fonts.
- Fully translated "The Book of Survival";
- Translated HUD icons with English words. (By Jackass);
- Transferred 3 tips. (by Jackass);
- To finish the bench and the amount of resources to it.

Changes to the game

version 0.02

The raft can be created using craft books (currently without a sail)
From the walls, you can create a floor or roof (can be problems with gravity)
New item added to the yacht
When you cut off the first time you appear in a random cave
Reduced damage from falling
Birds can be killed by fire
Endurance is now being restored longer
Now you can block strikes red ax (right mouse button)
The scene after the crash looks more dramatic
Reduced power and range of the light from the fire
Reduced the number of lives a turtle
Changed the logic of fish movement
Increased the range of light from the lighter
Cannibals now again pulled their friends in a safe place if the latter lost consciousness
Women sometimes go crazy over the dying family members


Reduced load
reduced crash
Overall performance increased
Memory optimization is to prevent crashes on some PCs
Caves have been enhanced, the walls now consume less memory
Sticks and stones thrown together now, this should reduce memory consumption
Optimized study HUD, and (xn strip, energy, etc.)


Improved swimming in the lake area
Improved ocean swimming area, right now the water rises and falls with the tide
Visualization improved underwater (fish can not fly: D)
Improved landscape in some areas reduced lumpiness in the mountain areas, fixed problems with the landscape in a cave
Fixed problems with very deep ponds, falling into that player dies
Added handling of collisions (The boat and plane)
Improve the balance of grass texture (now less bright)
Now pine can be easily cut
Many materials were changed texture
Sunset and sunrise look brighter
The entrances to the cave near the beach made ​​more now easier to get them
Improved collision in some areas
Mountain texture now lower resolution
Improved study area look more realistic reflection
Improved lighting and caves Some details


Fixed countdown timer before the upgrade, now it shows the exact time
Fixed some spelling mistakes in the book craft
Fixed bug with infinite spawn magazines
Fixed a bug where the number of survival days was 1 more than it should be
Fixed an issue where the number of items could be -1
Fixed a bug where weapons are not returned to the hands after the player ate rabbit, lizard or fish
Fixed a bug where the player does not come across with some objects
Fixed bug where light filtered into the cave
Fixed a bug where one could not be a fire to cook the food several times
Now spear Do not cut trees
Fixed a bug where sometimes flickered reservoirs
Fixed bug when loading save some items disappeared (Fixed not all items, correcting others should expect in the near future)
Fixed a bug where it was impossible to eat berries, leaf had the wrong texture
Fixed signs with text written in blood
Fixed a bug where the animal's skin was separated from his body
At Timmy (son) were deleted extra eyes and teeth that appeared behind (GENIUS)
Dismembering corpses no longer causes the player flies through the air
Animals do not create copies of themselves, if they are on fire
Cannibals now do not go under water (they can get into the water, but not far)
Fixed some shrubs that lose color when cut tops
Fixed a bug where the bird sat in the sky as if to land, technology changed movement of poultry

Quick Fix
- Update for June 3
- Update for June 5,
- Update for June 6

version 0.01b

- Saving in tents now works.
- Fixed a bug where the camera rotates during the crash, when connected to the controller.
- Enemies no longer disappear after a few days.
- Improved game performance.
- Improved collision trees.
- Shed no longer flies.
- Fixed some foliage, which was not attached to the trunk.
- Improved conflict in some parts of the cave.
- Removed the light from the creatures in the "blue" cave.
- Head cannibal now not be copied when picked up.
- Now head centered in the inventory, as well as do not show your hand in the head.
- The head, hands and feet are now placed in inventory, instead of immediately equip.
- Trees do not disappear when you exit the cave.
- Now you can not hear the sounds of the caves, while not under the ground.
- Fixed some spelling mistakes.
- Fixed the lack of detailed textures on the rock.
- Ocean should not lose the texture at the start of the game.
- Water visually improved.
- Signal gun now is not copied.
- Bird on the hand does not appear so often.



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